Trumpet.Tv exists to send a clarion call to the society challenging them to live a righteous life that will bring harmony, Peace and Prosperity in a chaotic world.


In view of spreading the good news that will transform the life of the listeners, we believe in sharing the love of Christ displayed on the cross and spreading the message of Christ through the Visual media available at our disposal. We are committed to produce and telecast programs containing inspirational music and thought-provoking messages from Men and Women of various Christian organizations that conform to our aim and objectives. It is our desire to convey messages that contain positive and creative spirit that will uplift spiritual, Moral and Social life of the listeners. And in doing so, we eager to build up a people committed to holy living, pleasing to God and a life of blessing to the people in the Society. In all these, we are committed to buildup our nation in strength, unity and prosperity.

Board Of Directors :

Dr.George Samuel

Dr.Leelamma Samuel

Dr.Robinson Grorge

Dr.Elizabeth Grorge

Dr.Jefferson Grorge

Dr.Nisha Jefferson